Tips On Buying And Using Gift Cards 2020

Tips On Buying And Using Gift Cards 2020

This holiday season, gift cards will be next to nothing in terms of numbers and numbers of people who give them out. There are many types of gift cards dads, moms, and bosses can give out. The people who receive them often get the short end of the deal when using it.

So I’ve put up a few pointers for you when buying and using gift cards so you can get the most out of the experience and people who get them get the best out of what you will give them as well.

Tips on buying gift cards:

  1. Choose non-expiring, high-acceptance, and low charging gift cards. Different states have different laws about gift card expirations.
  2. Know yours and make sure you read the fine print first before you buy gift cards in bulk. Also, consider getting gift cards that would be accepted in most establishments.
  3. Usually, Visa gift cards are the best in this part because most stores and online retailers accept them. Reread the fine print and make sure extra charges are kept at the minimum, if not at all.
  4. Think about who you’re giving the gift card to and make it as personal as possible. It may not be the case if you’re buying corporate gift cards, but you’re if handing out around a few to maybe 20, try to personalize the gift card as much as possible.
  5. Take time to find out what the person’s favorites are and give them a gift card from their favorite stores. Remember, you’re already getting the convenience of not doing the gift shopping yourself. You could at least give them the joy of shopping at their favorites.
  6. Try to be creative. Gift Cards Lab gives customers an option to customize the gift cards with personal pictures, company logos, and the like.
  7. Also, make sure you indicate the name of the person receiving the gift card and don’t just hand out a generic one.
  8. Get gift cards that you can use both for online purchases and at regular stores. Whoever gets your gift card will surely appreciate it.
  9. Shop around for the best gift card online first. I have my own recommended gift cards list on the right sidebar. Do check them out and find out what works for you.

Tips on using gift cards:

  1. Read the instructions first before you go out using them. Gift cards usually need to be activated on a certain website for them to work. Trust me; most people do forget this part.
  2. Read and know the policies regarding the usage of your gift card. Some have dormancy fees and expiration dates, which you need to be mindful of.
  3. As much as possible, use the gift card for the biggest purchases you can possibly use it for even if you pay a few extra dollars on top. Nothing bums bigger than short change left on the gift card that you can’t buy anything for. A lot of people had problems with this.
  4. Wait for the year-end sale to use the gift card. All stores go on a year-end sale, and buying stuff using your gift card during this period can get you more than what you will usually do.
  5. When possible, shop online using the gift card. Prices are definitely way cheaper online than in regular stores

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